September 10, 2010


I miss the excitement of a late night trip to Walmart when I was in 2nd grade.
I miss running down the street when I heard the ice cream truck's music.
I miss bowling every Saturday in Mustang, we moved and then the old alley closed down.
I miss having a Maple tree in the front yard to climb whenever I wanted to.
I miss being allowed to hunt for the Easter eggs instead of being the person who has to help hide them.
I miss Even Stevens.

I know that my identity lies in Christ.
I know that my heart constantly beats with the crash of the waves on a distant shore.
I know that chocolate is the cure for all bad days.
I know that I laugh every time I see the sketch from the Carol Burnett show when she comes down the stairs wearing the curtains.
I know what my favorite acoustic guitar song is.
I know how to always look for the bright side in a situation.
I know that I can make a pretty mean popover.

I wish that finding contentment in the right now moments was easier for me.
I wish that I never quit piano lessons in the third grade.
I wish that there were more wildflowers on the sides of the road.
I wish that more people knew what a popover was.
I wish that everyone wrote in colored pens.
I wish I lived next to a palm tree.

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