December 2, 2010

End of Autumn Thoughts

By all rights, autumn is long gone. Today is December 2, in one month, I will be messing up the date in my journal, writing "2010" and forgetting that it has changed to "2011". In one month, I will be so close to February, so close to that day that scares me half to death. So close to leaving home.

My catch phrase when my family moved almost two years ago was, "Life moves forward." On those days when everything felt hard, when leaving hurt so much, and when I didn't feel like dealing with one more day in a new town that wasn't home, I always tended to write in my journal, "Well, life moves forward, eh?" And then I'd move on, I'd face the next day, I'd get through it, and life did move forward, it did get better. Now that oh so familiar phrase is entering my vocabulary again, as I am realizing that not only does "life move forward", it races forward. Races at a break neck speed that fills me with excitement...and a teeny tiny bit of terror. I remember saying shortly after we moved, "Two years and I am out of this town. That's all I can take. I'm going to graduate early and get out of here. Come on Manda, just two years." And then I had a goal, something to work for, and I made it. Except I never even comprehended the thought that at the end of those two years I would have actually made a home here. I would actually like the life that all that hard change brought. And I definitely never thought that those two years would fly by as quickly as they have.

Just like this past autumn, which flew by so quickly. I went to other side of the world and back again. I finished high school. I ran a half marathon. I had some amazing road trips with new friends. I absolutely loved every second of the past few months. December may be here, winter may be about to set in, but after all the amazing memories that have come from this fading away season, autumn needed one last nod of the head from me before I let it slip away until next year.

So here comes Christmas, here comes New Years and a wedding in New Mexico, here comes a few more road trips and ice skating, here comes cookies and Christmas lights and hot comes another amazing season that I am really looking forward to. Here comes a period of two and a half months where I plan on soaking up every single second I can with my friends and family before I head out to Florida. Here comes yet another day when I am again reminded, "Life races forward, eh?" 

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