December 24, 2010

Candy Canes

It's Christmas that's exciting.

Currently I'm snuggled into my bed, listening to my mom and grandparents talk downstairs, and trying to decide if I want to brave the cold again today to go running (I don't think I will, yesterday's 27 degrees was a little too much even for me!)

Today is the day when I have to do the whole list of things I haven't gotten around to yet, like wrapping presents and watching Christmas movies. Oh, and maybe even baking some cookies if I decide to go a little crazy. 

But mostly, my plan is to snuggle in a little bit longer, laugh and listen to my family's stories (last night, the crab legs we were eating took us off to the Coast of Africa on a boat sailing to the infamous slave island, where Papa and Grandma were served barrels of fresh seafood as fruit bats flew overhead...oh how I love my family.)

 Then I'll curl up on the couch to watch The Polar Express tonight, as is tradition in our family, before going to bed contemplating a life full of adventure. Christmas in my family is sweet, exciting, full of laughter, and a mixture of memories from one generation and hushed hopes in the next. We're not too big on living ordinary lives around here, and that's more visible to me when we all get together again. 

I love it. I love being together. I love adventure. I love Christmas Eve. 

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