February 5, 2011

Going Against The Grain

Sometimes I just shake my head at myself and have to laugh, because I can be a bit ridiculous. For two years, two whole years almost to the day, I have been planning to do something different with my life. For two years I have been working hard to graduate early and then go off and do something a little crazy in between finishing high school and beginning college. And I did it and I'm doing it...and I was so pre-occupied by the "What am I doing and how did this happen?" feelings that only in the past few weeks have I finally gone, "Whoa! I did it! I'm taking crazy chances and it's amazing."

I love the fact that I am starting off my "on my own" life going upstream. Doing something different. Doing something exciting. I'm not following the traditional path, I'm trying out something scary for me, something a little intimidating, but something worth pursuing. I am taking a chance, giving up some things that I really would have loved to hold on to, because in the end I don't think that I will ever regret doing things differently.

After feeling so overwhelmed with what I am about to jump into for the past few months, all of a sudden this rush of excitement and anticipation has flooded my head. I am daily growing more excited for everything that's happening in my life, so many little things and big things and in between things that are all so new for me. I'm going against the grain, fighting the norm, trying to do things differently because I am finding that I am most satisfied when I feel a rush of adrenaline facing the unknown. I feel like I am right where I am supposed to be right now, and I love it.

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