February 25, 2011

Disney - The Night Before

The night before is a very scary and exciting thing...

The night before Christmas.
The night before kindergarten.
The night before high school.
The night before a race.
The night before a big move.
The night before a birthday.
The night before a new job.

There's just something about "the night before" that fills your stomach up with butterflies and makes your head spin. And the cure for it? Waiting till morning.

Since that day in October when I found out that I'd be moving to Florida, I've been waiting for reality to catch up to me. I packed my bags, I said my goodbyes, and I drove halfway across the country...but honestly, reality didn't catch up to me until about 3 hours ago when me and mom drove past the place that I'll check into tomorrow. Driving past that place that's almost my new home helped reality rush into my head like a wave.

So I went running and pounded out some of the nerves...but now that I'm back into our hotel room for the night... those butterflies are filling up my stomach again. This is the night before my whole life changes.

In just a few days I'll be running errands, working at Disney World, paying bills, and trying to figure out how to operate without a car while my baby blue gets some body work done...and I'll be doing it alone.


Totally independent.

I have a thousand butterflies swirling around my stomach right now, on this night before Disney World, and honestly... it feels a lot like Christmas.

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