February 18, 2011

Disney - Deer Trouble

I'm on my way to Florida!! 
And my car is wrecked.
Woot! Woot! 
Or, umm...not really. 
Me and mom left yesterday morning at the bright and early time of 7 am, and made our way across Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi, which is where the scene of the crime happened. 

Literally, 20 miles away from our hotel for the night, we're driving along, I say, "Mom, deer!" Mom says, "Oh!" Deer jumps in road. Mom hits brakes. Mom honks at deer (my car has a little "beep beep" horn that apparently doesn't scare deer very well) and then, "BAM." Deer hits right front bumper and flips over backwards. 

The good news: The deer was small. The deer didn't go through the windshield. Nobody was hurt. And the car is still drivable. 

The bad news: My parents officially gave me my little blue Honda a whole 5 days ago, and now it needs a whole new hood, front bumper, and front right side piece of the car. And I have to figure out some way to get around without a car for however long it takes to get it fixed...Disney has transport to and from work so I may have to use that, but I'm stressed because I want my car. Can you blame me? 

Anyway, my faithful car made it through another full day of driving, pulling us into Navarre right before sunset (the light is broken, so no night driving for us.) Tomorrow we should get to my grandparents house and then on Monday I'll make my way towards Orlando. Hopefully the rest of the drive will be a little less eventful!

It's been fun road tripping with Mom though! I'm getting crazy excited the more I realize, "Whoa. I've left my home. I'm in Florida. I live in this state now. This is crazy!" I'll tell you when reality totally catches up with me. :) Meanwhile, off to bed... the plan for tomorrow is to wake up early, walk down to the beach, and watch the sunrise before hitting the road. Have I ever mentioned that I love waking up to go walk on the beach and watch the sunrise? 

I think I'm going to love this state. 

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