February 13, 2011

Running - The Payoff

Pull on tennis shoes. 
Attach watch to wrist.
Strap cellphone to arm. 
Take one last sip of water. 
And run. 
Going the distance. Racing against my own times. Pushing myself to run longer than I want to, faster than I think I can run, and stronger than I believe myself to be. 
And the hardest part? That'd be putting on my tennis shoes and opening the front door.
It feels really good to have hard work pay off. 
Really great, actually. 
For the past year I've run for so any reasons. 
Sanity. To be strong. To eat carbs. To sweat. To pound out problems on pavement. To reach goals. I've run because I needed to run. 
It may not make sense, but it's really been a huge anchor in my life...when things feel overwhelming, you just run them out, and they shrink back into perspective. Maybe it's one of those scientific "endorphin high" things...who knows? But I've never run for pay off outside of my own personal goals, I've run for me. 
And somehow, that's working out into a pretty sweet deal. Scholarship money. A new team. A new experience come fall.
I'm so excited to have an opportunity to run in college. I feel so blessed to have people who have told me, "What have you got to lose? Just call the coach and see what he says." Sometimes I need that little extra boost of courage. 
But mostly, I am thankful that on those 5 out of 7 days a week when I felt like being lazy, I put on my watch and laced up my tennis shoes instead. 

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