February 15, 2011

Disney - Take Off

There's that moment when the plane is racing towards the end of the runway, getting faster and faster and faster, and you're sitting in your seat, with the tray up and your bags stowed away, and you think to yourself, "We're about to take off."
I love that moment.
I love the way your stomach drops just a little as the plane lifts up.
I love seeing the world fall beneath my feet.
But mostly, I like knowing that I am going somewhere.
In 33 hours exactly, if everything goes according to plan, my car will be loaded up with way too many clothes and a Florida SunPass sticker on the windshield, and I'll head south.
Take off.
A little bit of an adrenaline rush.
My familiar world will fall beneath my feet.
And I will be going somewhere.
This is it, the final countdown. The last few minutes of normality. A mixture of crazy excitement and bittersweet goodbyes.
This is the moment when my world is going faster and faster and faster and I'm sitting in my little seat, buckled in tightly, and I'm thinking to myself, "I'm about to take off." 
I'm scared, but I'm excited, because when it all comes down to it...
I love this moment.

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