February 25, 2011

Disney - Wishes

I feel a little bit like I’m living in a dream. This week has been a whirlwind of information twirling around my head, a week of discovering a new reality in an almost fantasy world... new people, new opportunities, new choices, new bus routes, new…everything. I’m loving it. I really am. Before I left home I didn’t realize just how amazing this opportunity was, just how amazing it is…but now that I’m here in Orlando, here at Disney World, I’m realizing that this is the chance of a lifetime.

Monday I checked into the Vista Way apartments and met all of my roommates, who seem so awesome and we’ve all been getting along great, then I said my goodbyes to my mom. Tuesday we had the day off, so it was filled with unpacking and hanging out with the roomies, then there was a big welcome bash at the apartments down the street. The theme was "Down By The Bayou", so it was mardi-gras, Princess and the Frog inspired. Very fun. :)

Wednesday we started our Traditions class, which is the class that every person who has ever worked for Disney has to take, it definitely gets you pumped up about working for the Company. I even got my first glimpse of the "secret tunnels" that everyone always talks about under the Magic Kingdom as we went into the park for a whole...wait for it...nine minutes. Oh yes, you'd be amazed at what a Disney instructor can teach you in nine minutes before whisking you off back to the University building. Once we finished the class, Mickey Mouse came in and brought a box full of our name tags in it, and we became official Disney cast members.

Then, what else are new cast members to do for the rest of the day? Go to the parks of course! First stop? Epcot. It felt so crazy weird to be going in the back way, to be behind the scenes, and then, bam, you're in the parks. No lines. No tickets. You're a part of the production.

Next on the agenda was jumping over to the Magic Kingdom and having a blast. Everything just feels SO surreal. It's been pretty fun because two of the girls in our apartment (there are 6 of us living together) have never been to Disney before, so everything is completely new to them. Seeing Cinderella's castle still amazes me and gives me goosebumps, but getting to see someone else see it for the first time is priceless. I forgot how magical this place really is.

Just a few minutes after we walked into MK there was a show going on in front of the castle and Donald Duck was saving the day, asking the crowd, "Do you believe in dreams?" And this little boy with curly black hair was sitting on his dad's shoulders, whispering, "I believe in dreams! I believe in dreams!" It's the little moments like that when I think to myself, "This is so worth it. If I can be a part of the magic for little kids like him, no matter how hard some of the upcoming days will be, it's worth it." :) 

I have so much to write about, this feels more like an outline of the past few days then a story (and I definitely have a lot of stories!), but hopefully I'll be able to make more time for this blog in the upcoming days. Then again, I still need to ride Space Mountain...get a picture with Flynn Ryder...eat at Ohana... tour the World Showcase...go Soarin..and...well, you get the idea...

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