March 10, 2011

Disney - Rainy Days

It's 8:45 am currently, Orlando time. 
2:45 pm Vienna time.
I only know that because my phone still has Vienna time saved on it from when my sister was living over it's kind of one of those useless facts that I can always say if there's an awkward silence, "Hey do you know what time it is in Vienna?!" 
No don't worry. I don't actually do that. That'd be lame. 
I was supposed to work a 12 hour shift starting in an hour, but it's pouring down rain and I just got a call saying that I didn't have to come into work today. 
Something about working outdoor foods in an amusement park puts your job at the mercy of the weather. 
I won't complain.
My job is going really great, not saying I want to sell popcorn for the rest of my life, but I think I can handle it for a few more months. The best part about it is really the people that I work with. Everyone has been so nice and really patient with this girl who doesn't really know what in the world she's doing.
Another great thing is some of the guests that I get to interact with. Just yesterday I had such a sweet moment when the parade was passing by our cart, when a mom and her little girl, Ella, came and stood in front of me. Ella was about 4 years old, dark hair, sweet sweet smile, and had Down's syndrome. Her mom was holding her and she wasn't watching the parade in front of her, she was watching me behind her. So I was smiling and waving and talking to her, and she was giggling and just being adorable. Made my day. :)
Right after her I met the guy with a huge OU tatoo across his heart.
All in a day's work! 

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