March 30, 2011

Disney - Snapshots

Here are a few snapshots from my days in the Kingdom under the castle. Enjoy! 

-1- It was late at night and most people were heading out of the park, so nobody had come by my ice cream stand in Frontierland in quite awhile. Out of nowhere this family ran up to me panting and just about collapsed on the cart. They all sighed and the dad says, "Whatever the kids want, give them the opposite! If he says six, give him a three!" Then the mom saw my name tag and said, "Hun! Look! Another Mandy!" which is when he broke down into some classic Barry Manilow, to which the wife replied, "You're probably too young to know that song.." They all started laughing at the look of "Are you kidding me?" on my face, so we started telling our stories about the people and places who've started singing the song to us. I talked with them for maybe ten minutes, laughing the whole time, before they headed out. Definitely my favorite family to meet so far.

-2- I was working CIF (where I wear a breaker uniform and can walk all over the park instead of just being in one land) on my way to give someone a break, when this guy comes up to me and said, "Do you remember how to skip? Skip with me!" So despite in the back of my mind thinking, "It's ten at night and I've been working all day...are ya kidding me?" I started skipping behind the castle with this 50 something year old guy, white Albert Einstein hair and sunglasses, and then I got tickled because I realized that hilariousness of the situation. There are some things that you really don't see every day.

-3- Back in good ol' Frontierland (it's my favorite land to work in, I love the costume) a group of 5 or 6 teen guys came up and were just talking it up while they were ordering. So one by one I got each of them what the asked for and we joked around, when the last guy in the group comes up to the front of the line. He was the only one who had a girl with him and he said, "Okay, two questions. One: Were any of them cute? And two: Are you too old for them?" I laughed and told him. "Umm I didn't notice and I don't know. Is that a safe answer?" He was like, "You're not allowed to have a safe answer!" We laughed and they walked off to join the group, where he told them my answer, and across the road I hear, "But I had a conversation with her!" Haha. Those guys made me laugh, the goofy things they were doing to get my attention.

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