April 14, 2011

Disney - Pooh Bears Like Me

I'm running on just a few hours of sleep in the past 48 hours right now, with four hours of driving and a day at the beach thrown in there. Oh, and a pina colada. But let's not talk about that. ;)
Monday is my two monthaversary. Time is flying. 'Scuse me: time is racing. At the same time... it moves very slowly; like honey rolling down a honey tree. Time is sticky and sweet and sometimes gravity pulls it down a little bit faster than usual. But at other times a little Pooh Bear like me reaches out my sticky paw to grab the honey, and the whole process is slowed down. I stare at the clock and reach out my sticky paw to move the minute hand to make the days and weeks fly by, but they keep turning at the same consistent pace. Sometimes it seems like time moves a little bit slower just to show me who's boss. My paws are sticky recently with my consistent desire to grab the clock and make time speed up. August sometimes seems a long way off. February feels like a lifetime ago. July will kill me. May will be fast. And time is racing down the honey tree even despite the attempts of a pair of sticky little paws to alter the pace at which is flows.

I'm taking baby steps, taking one days at a time, as most people must do. There are days when I get by hour by hour, even minute by minute sometimes. But even with all of those thoughts, it still feels like the weeks are slipping by quickly. Even on the days when the minutes are dripping down the honey tree slowly, I still love being here. I still love the life I'm making here in Florida. Even when a little piece of me is going to die next week with my schedule of 60 hours and double overtimes and 14 hour back to back shifts, there's a crazy part of my mind that thinks, "This is fun."

Exhausting? Most definitely.
Overwhelming? Very much so at times.
Filled with responsibility that I don't always want? Sure.
But I wouldn't change a thing.

My paws may be sticky from trying to reach out at move time along a little more quickly, but the honey is sweet and the tree has a good view. Maybe that's why little ol' Pooh always climbed the highest tree and got himself into sticky circumstances, he liked the view from the top of the tree. Even when bees are everywhere and there's a long fall down, sometimes the taste of the honey outweighs the thought of falling. Sometimes a honey pot just doesn't give you the same feeling of satisfaction as chasing a dream to the tallest tree and searching for honey worth eating. Sometimes little Pooh bears like me think think think way too much about allegories and should just stop and eat some honey.

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