April 14, 2011

Disney - Weekends and Work

I love weekends. Even these mid-week, not the official "week-end", weekends. Monday this week was my Friday and Thursday is my Monday. Sometimes it gets confusing. And next week, oh let's not talk about next week. With it being Easter I guess the park gets swamped, so my schedule is a blur of double overtime, 4 am mornings, and somewhere a little over 60 hours spent working. I'm not the type of person to focus on money, but at this point the thought of that paycheck is the only thing preparing me for the onslaught of sleep deprivation I'm about to face. How's that for some good vocabulary usage?

This week was a really good week at work, mostly because of the last two days. I was dreading Sunday so much because I was supposed to work until 4:45 am, and while I am very much a morning person, I'm not that much of a morning person. So I dragged myself to work expecting the worst, and it turned out to be one of the best nights of work ever. There were a whole bunch of people there who weren't supposed to clock out until around the same time as me, but the park didn't have the attendance expected, so there was hardly anything to do. I was out at my cart in front of the castle, and one of our stockerscame up to see if I needed anything (she was just trying to get out of the garage and look like she was busy), but she ended up staying for about 45 minutes just talking and helping me out when there was a guest there (it was about 1:45 am). She decided that she should probably head back at the point, but two minutes after she left two other guys from the garage showed up to do some odd job, and before they were finished two of the coordinators showed up and said, "Eh, let's close this cart down. You know, there is nothing going on, we'll stay and help." Usually when you clean a cart you're by yourself, but by the time I came back with my cleaning supplies I had 6 people out there with me. Of course, they were mostly talking and goofing off while I cleaned, but it still made it go by so much faster. Nights like Sunday night make me love working here.

Then yesterday I went with a group of girls up to Clearwater beach, about two hours away, and that was a blast. The water was warm and the swells were gentle, the sand was white, and it was just very relaxing. If you know me at all you know how much of a beach bum I am, so I'm trying to take advantage of every chance I get to go to the beach.

That's my little update on life these days. Work and sleep and trips to the beach. Not too shabby. Not too shabby at all.

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