May 18, 2011

Disney - Halfway Point

I remember hearing people say about working for Disney, "You'll have those horrible days, and within 24 hours something will happen and make it all worth it." And I'm finding that to be a very true statement. I have those days when I come home work and just throw myself on the couch going, "Whyyy??!" just to vent, and all my roomies will say, "Ahhhh I don't know!!" because they totally understand what I mean. Then the next day I come home after a long shift and I'm bouncing up and down happy because it was

It's weird, working for Disney and all, because it's so...normal. I feel like I've always lived here in Florida, I feel like it's nothing special, while at the same time I feel like I'm doing something pretty cool. I love it even though it can drive me beyond crazy into the zone of rock bottom on certain days. My life is up and down and all over the place, but when it all comes down to it, I really love living here. I love driving to the beach. I love coming home and having random adventures with my roommates. I love Orlando.

Monday was the halfway point for my program. A bunch of the Spring CP's left this week, and everyone is really sad because so many of our good friends are going home. I've never moved to a place where I've met so any new people and had so many great friendships right from the start. I've never moved to a place where everyone has to say so many goodbyes at the same time, it's hard, really hard, but the friendships were worth it. 100%. The halfway point is strange because it feels like a definite distinction because the beginning and the end of my program. From here on out, it becomes, "I have two and half months left" instead of, "I've been here three months." This year is going by so fast, I blink and a month has gone by. I sneeze and it's almost June.

So I'm running full speed and working and squeezing in adventures wherever I can. Like a certain one next week that will involve a parachute, 15,000 feet, and 70 seconds of free falling. But I'll tell you about that one if I make it out alive.

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