May 22, 2011

Disney - Mile 7

I'm tucked away into a little corner of the woods right now, somewhere between the middle of nowhere and an outlet of murky water, water that I'm sure eventually leads to a bigger thing of water...I'd say a lake...but that's just my guess. In short, I'm over at my grandparent's house for the night. This was, as far as spur of the moment trips go, very short noticed. I called them two minutes before I hopped in the car to go to church, and after church drove on up. I love coming out here, it's so quiet and calm compared to Orlando, not to mention I don't have to pay to do my laundry. Why yes, I do have secret motives. 

 This week I'm pressing through the "mid-program slump" that I keep overhearing other CP's talk about. It's hard because now that everyone is gone, it feels like I should be going home soon too...and I've still got the last leg of this race to run out. It's like when I'm out on a long run, and I hit mile 7. For some reason, mile 7 kills me. Miles 1-6 are fine, if I'm in the right frame of mind I hardly even notice them pass by, but at mile 7 I suddenly become aware of every little thing that's discomforting. My shoelaces. My shins. My knees. The rocks. The sun. You name it, I notice it. But I have to keep running, because home is still miles away. And then, somewhere around mile 9, things clear up and I can finish off the run strong.

That's where I'm at right now. I started off hitting the ground running fast and strong, loving everything going on around me, and now I'm slowing down counting my steps to make it into the next mile. This is the point in my race where perseverance is more important than speed. Where proving to myself that I can put one foot in front of the other is better than proving to the world that I know what I'm doing.

Despite being tired and worn out, there's something in me that keeps fighting, something in me that loves the push of working hard when I don't want to. I like the adrenaline rush of jumping headlong into challenges that I don't know how to conquer. I like the thrill of the unknown. I'm hardwired to always be looking for the next adventure, the next opportunity, while still pressing through the current one. It's hard not tripping over my own two feet sometimes because I start getting ahead of myself.

Today was good though, great really. I love my church down here more than I ever thought possible, it always makes me really bummed when I work Sunday morning so I was happy to get to go. And I sincerely love every moment I get to spend with my grandparents, really, it's such a blessing getting to live so close to them. Talk about lives full of adventure, two hours listening to Papa's stories and I've been all over Africa, watching out for black mamba's, into war zones, handling close to a million dollars for relief funds, building a University, and camping with elephants. Maybe there's a reason why I'm hardwired for adventure, I have to do something to keep up with this family of mine! :)

...guess I'll have to go sky diving soon... 

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