May 23, 2011

Disney - Skydiving Jitters

It's been less than 24 hours since that last blog post, and honestly, the only thing that's happened is a good night's sleep, a good meal, a nap, and another meal...but I feel like writing.

I feel like mentioning that my sister has officially moved into Pensacola for the summer, so the chances of me seeing her while I live down here just skyrocketed. I feel like mentioning that both me and my dad will be in an airplane tomorrow, except he'll be wearing a seat belt and I'll be praying for my life. I feel like mentioning that there's a lion's head staring me down across the wall as I write this...Africa somehow made it home with my grandparents when they moved stateside.

I feel like mentioning that I don't have the words to say half of the time, I don't have the wisdom I wish I had to answer questions that I'm confronted with, but I serve a God who doesn't require me to have the answers. I serve a God who is transforming me by the renewing of my mind, a God who has used the past few months to change me more than I ever imagined possible.

I feel like mentioning that I like overhearing my grandparents talk on the phone with their friend from Ethiopia, because the volume is turned up so loud that I can hear his incredibly cool accent from the other room.

I feel like mentioning that I have nothing to complain about...nothing at all, and I should really stop it. I feel like mentioning that Evan & Jaron has to be my favorite band of the moment...and it's a toss up between "Outerspace" and "The Distance" as far as favorite songs go. And last but not least, I feel like mentioning that at this moment in time I am VERY nervous, but VERY stoked for tomorrow...and I probably will be until the moment when I feel the parachute line go taut. Here's to tomorrow then.

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