June 8, 2011

Disney - Sneaking Home

So...I'm writing this from a familiar spot in a room with way too many Taylor guitars hung on the wall, a spot that I haven't been in for a few months now.
Out the window to my right there's a field dusted in a light coating of summer sun.
And every night since Sunday night I've been driving around this one little lake called "Lake Ponca" in my dad's Solstice with the top down and the wind blowing through my hair.
I'm back in Oklahoma for a few days...and let me tell you, I've never had SO much fun surprising everyone. Not even my mom knew I was coming. I've been having a blast catching up with everybody, especially all the people who weren't expecting to see me till August. :)
It feels so strange and surreal to jump back home for a few days, a little trip sandwiched between my reality of living in Florida. I never thought there'd be a day when I would leave Disney World to go on vacation to Ponca City. Haha.
The wheat crops are being harvested this week here in OK.. The sky is whitewashed with summer haze. And for just a few days, I'm soaking in some relaxation before heading back to my other home, the one in the Sunshine State.
I already feel like I'll be ready to hit the ground running come Saturday.
But today, today is all about a snow cone date with good friends and a crazy colored sunset over some wheat fields.
Call me country, but the view isn't too shabby out here.

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