June 11, 2011

Disney - My Heart's Cry

I have a bigger purpose than just selling drinks. I serve a bigger boss than the one with two round ears.
I have dreams that have nothing to do with pixie dust.
They revolve around giving water to kids who are thirsty, not just tourists in Florida.
They have to do with dusty roads in third world countries.
They'll take me through the mud, the grit, and the dirt of life, if only for the chance that something I can do can help someone else out.
I have dreams that are dirty, that are dusty, that will hurt my heart more than I can imagine at this point in my life.
And even crazier? That's all I want.
I want to be the hands and feet of God.
I want to love people who I've never met before.
I want to wake up each day and think to myself, "This isn't just my plan, this is God's purpose."
I have a bigger purpose than Mickey Mouse ice cream bars, although they are serving as a huge stepping stone in getting me towards my goals.
But there's a world out there, a "back to reality" world out there, with hungry people, physically and spiritually hungry people, and I want to throw off everything that hinders and run to them saying, "I know of a food that will always satisfy, I know of a water that quenches all thirst. Grab my hand and let me show you the place where He met me...cause this is too good of a story to miss out on. Take my hand."
This is my desire. My heart's cry.
It's bigger than me.
It's world shaking and life shattering.
Serving God, no matter what. 
This is everything I want.