June 28, 2011

Disney - Shaking Hands with the World

Yesterday, I...

Talked to people from France, China, India, Morocco, Puerto Rico, England, and Canada. And those were just my co-workers.
Opened a gate and had Jack Sparrow jump inside and say, "Shhhh!" to me as he hid backstage. Kind of made my afternoon.
Got completely drenched in an afternoon thunderstorm while I was parade vending, and remained wet all the way till night time. Oh Florida and your 10 minute showers.
Said, "They're $2.50" enough times to make about a thousand dollars in cash.
Ran 5 miles before my 1:30-11:30 shift.
Officially proved to one of my friends that I can't whistle, pursed lips and goofy blowing sounds and all...what made it even better was that I was standing on Main Street so there was a whole line of guests walking by watching the attempt.
Talked to a guy from Guthrie who said, "Oh! I used to go to camp at that place with the castle things!" I said, "Wentz park?!" And he was so excited that I knew the place, even more so when I told him that I lived about five minutes away from it. I love meeting people from home.
Speaking of Oklahomans, the one other girl who is from OK played, "State Trivia" with me while I was banking out, and we were standing there laughing over all the goofy things we love about our state. By the way, knowing that mistletoe is our flower won me major brownie points with her.

All in all, yesterday was just another day here at Disney World. Day in the life, eh?

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