June 25, 2011

Disney - 2nd Star to the Right

It's late at night, and my thoughts are scattered between here and there and every place in between. I'm a mixture of emotions these days, I'm pulled between really happy about where I am and really antsy to keep moving on. I'm a wanderer, a gyspy heart, and something inside of me keeps drawing me forward to the next adventure, the next sunset. I feel like I've learned my lessons from Disney, I've accomplished more than I ever imagined I could accomplish, and I've met more amazing people than I ever knew existed...but my feet are starting to prepare themselves to hit the open road again. To dive into the next wave that hits the shore.

I have 36 days left here in Florida. And yes, I did just whip out my calender so that I could count them. Time continues to fly by faster than I ever imagined it could move... I remember sitting on my bed staring out of my second story window, watching a January world pass by, thinking, "In one month I'll be packing up my little blue Honda to move south." And now here I am, sitting on my bed staring out of my third floor window watching a late June night, thinking, "In one month I'll be packing up my little blue Honda to move back west." I can't imagine what it will be like to move away from Orlando, this life has consumed me from the start, it's non stop, it never sleeps, and I love it despite all the things that drive me crazy. But somewhere deep down inside of me, I'm beginning to draw back. I'm starting to look forward to the next leap, in fact, I'm getting so excited about the journey ahead of me.

Don't laugh, but I am getting so excited about university. I want to start jumping into more opportunities to serve like I want to serve...to explore the world like I was born to explore it. Disney has been my leaping off period, like the tip of the diving board when you run and jump into the air...but the fall into deep waters still awaits. The plunge. The commitment. It all lies before me. And part of me is so ready to start diving in.

Meanwhile, reality is eluding me and life continues here in Orlando. My friends are true blue, my life is good, my church continues to help me hit my knees, and I am exhausted but finding myself to be oh so happy. Tonight I am a mixture of thoughts, a mixture of thinking about how much I love living in Florida and how ready I am for another big adventure.

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