July 31, 2011

Disney - 6 Months Later

  • I discovered what it feels like to pay bills, grocery shop, and navigate a new city by myself. Most 18 year olds don't have that opportunity.
  • Florida confirmed my lifelong love for palm trees and trade winds.  
  • I now know that I can work 60 hour weeks with shifts ending at 5 am.
  • One of my favorite things was being able to shake hands with the world in a day without leaving the radius of a kingdom. 
  • I can take good care of my car on my own...even after it's been hit by another driver. 
  • I've discovered that I have no self control when it comes to cake/ice cream/brownie batter/all of the above. 
  • 6 months in the Magic Kingdom...and I know all of its ins and outs.
  • I've decided that I never want to live in another crummy apartment again...but in hindsight, being able to laugh at a building that is falling apart builds character.
  • I've discovered a hundred best friends that I never in my wildest dreams could've imagined meeting.
  • I now know the words to every single castle/parade/firework show at Disney World. 
  • I know that I'll never work under the shadow of a castle every day again, and that makes me sad. 
  • I'll miss walking up and down Main Street and knowing almost every cast member I see. The Glow carts...the balloon people...PAC... photo pass...I'll miss seeing all of them every night. 
  • I'll miss my parade vending crew. "Dang Maureen, ten miles?! Chelse-A! Where is it? In the sky." and all of the other jokes that we have. 
  • I'll miss going to sleep on my squeaky mattress. No, I lied. I won't miss that at all. 
  • I've loved the drive to work and the rare days when I got off before the sun set. 
  • Disney spoiled my sense of adventure, because there has always been someone hanging around who wants to go do something...and that something was usually exciting.
  • I'll miss getting to watch Wishes almost every night. 
  • I'll miss dance parties in 1309. 
  • I've learned that you don't know adrenaline until you're stuck selling drinks on the Frontier land hill in the middle of the road with the 3 o'clock parade right behind you and your drink wagon is dying. By the way, thanks random stranger who helped me push it up the hill. You saved my bacon. 
  • I've learned that sometimes when you stand alone in your faith, you discover more about what you believe in that you ever do in a crowd of people. When you stand alone, it forces you to say, "Is this worth it?" And the answer has been, time and again, "With everything I have, this is worth it."
  • I've learned what it mean to be independent. To solve problems, big ones, on my own. 
  • I've learned self resilience, how to say no in a crowd of people saying yes. 
  • I've learned where my weaknesses lie. 
  • I've learned the streets of Florida better then Oklahoma City.
  • I've learned that I run from getting my heart hurt and that I hate goodbyes.
  • I have learned that sometimes it's less about following your dreams and more about following your gut.

Working at Disney World taught me so much and pushed me to my limits over and over again. I know what it feels like to be exhausted but still be required to be kind. I know what it feels like to make someone's day. I know now that I need people and relationships because they are precious and invaluable, I can't run this race alone. Disney taught me that hard work is often rewarding and that little kids have magic in their smiles. Before I came to Florida, all I had was a crazy dream to do something different. To follow a path that none of my friends were taking. To build my story of independence outside of my comfort zone. Since then, in the words of the man who chased his dreams and built this empire, I have learned that "it's kind of fun to the impossible." 

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