July 14, 2011

Disney - An Average Day

Halfway through July.
18 more days in Florida.
A fine mix of emotions.
As I begin to count down days, instead of counting down months, I am being reminded that I've failed horribly at blogging.
There are a million stories that I've forgotten to tell.
Like all of the conversations in radio code that fill my life. Yelling "10-4!!" Down the hallways as we're running out of the door.
I could tell you about the hilarious encounters with the large tour groups of Argentinians on Main Street. Like the group that figured out my life's love story for me. I was paired up with a guy who sells balloons, my friend Jake, right in the middle of Main Street. Somehow a cheer was started that had at least fifty people cheering for "Jake and Mandy!", and then it was decided for us that Jake would take me out to Burger King the next night. Oh my goodness. We laughed SO hard over the whole situation. Please, if you see me anytime soon, ask me to tell you the story. It was my favorite thing that's ever happened while parade vending.
Then there are the constant cases of 101, when we're out in the streets selling drinks and the rain comes a pouring down, so it's off to the garage we run. Those are the moments when everyone goes, "Wow, you guys look dry. *cough cough*" And we laugh about the freaky Florida weather.

I could tell you about the sisters I call my roommates, Katie and Kirsten and Jenni (who will always be our roomie no matter if she lives with us or not), because they have really changed my life. I love them with my whole heart.
If I was re-capping my everyday life here, I would mention the crazy random trips we take every day. Just this morning, it was, "Hey! Let's run out to the Pops Century resort and grab breakfast!" And I'm 90% sure that tonight I'm running out to a park to watch fireworks. I forget that that's not normal life.
There are a million things I do every day here that I can't believe I won't do after 20 days. Drive by palm trees. Show my ID to security. Walk up the three flights of stairs to my Vista Way apartment. Talk to all my gym buddies who frequent the gym with me during the wee hours of the night.

This is the life that I've been building since February. This everyday...  run here and there, forget about sleep, listen to Justin Beiber, hang out with friends...life. I have a million little stories to write that have my identity sketched all over them. But tonight, there are dance videos to make and a cookies to eat. Oh, and like always, memories to be made.

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