July 16, 2011

Car Troubles at Disney - Part II

If you've been following my story from the beginning of my move out to Florida, you might remember something about a deer colliding with my car on my trip down here. It was quite the episode, my little Honda (who after six years, finally has a name...which I will disclose oh so shortly) was the worse for the wear, spending a good week or two in the auto shop to fix up the front lights and bumper. Well, five months later...it appears that Florida couldn't let me leave without a fight. Or rather, couldn't let my car leave without a fight.
Thursday afternoon I was out running around with my friend Jessika, and we decided to go to Cast Connection to pick up some t shirts and things like that. I slowed for a yellow light, and after being stopped for a few seconds we heard the screech of brakes, and then, BAM. Hey there Jeep Liberty in my car's bubble, thanks for pushing me out into the road. After pulling off into the resort parking lot, both me and the other girl were shaken up a little, but nobody was hurt and both of our cars are drivable. The girl who hit me is actually another CP, one who's still really new, and she felt horrible. Basically what happened was she either hydroplaned on the wet road or her brakes locked up.
The good news, I couldn't have had a nicer person to wreck my car  thank goodness she has insurance), also good news, I'm hitting the road home within 15 days, and I'll know more after I take my car in to get an estimate, but I think it'll make the trip home before I have to get it repaired. The bad news: I live in central Florida where it rains every single afternoon and I'm driving a car with a trunk that is currently, well...less than water tight. So we'll see.
After getting hit, I was pretty shook up, there's nothing like that moment of impact when you just sit there going, "Did that just happen?!" But I am so thankful for Jessika being in the car with me to think clearly when I was shaking, and then having a calm dad to call up and say, "So what do I do now?" After we worked things out and the other girl drove off, I called him up, and I won't say what we were talking about (because above all else, it most certainly was not about saying cuss words. Never. Why would you think that?)  but we were definitely laughing. It's good to be able to calm down and laugh with your parents over little things when it'd be very easy to over react.
Get this though, the story gets even crazier, because my dear older sister was making a few wise cracks about me getting in a wreck before her, because I have a tendency to avoid riding with Jenn at all costs. But then on Friday, I got a call from dad saying, "Hey Mandy, Jenn is okay but she was rear ended." I really thought he was joking, because it's just ridicules! No joke though, Jenn got rear ended up in Pensacola less than 24 hours after I was rear ended.She's okay and her car actually looks a little better than mine, but her actual wreck was worse and the lady who hit her totalled her car.
Long story short? I think it's time I get this little blue Honda, now named Jinx, out of the Sunshine State! For some reason or another, it hates my little baby blue. Oh me oh my. What a week. What a week.

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