July 21, 2011

Disney - Skydiving & Graduation

Ever have those days when you're sitting there thinking, "Where did the time go?" The past few days have been the best days off that I've ever had, completely filled to the brim with living. Yesterday morning I went skydiving again with some friends, and then we had our graduation in the evening....all in all, so many laughs, so much adrenaline, and so many good friends.

It's down to single digits, I won't even say how many days I have left because it makes me sad. I have been blessed beyond belief down here in Florida. This feels like home and my friends feel like family. It's doesn't get any better than that.  I just can't picture what it'll be like to go back home when my home is as much in Florida as it is in Oklahoma. I'm excited, it will be so good to be in the same state as my family, but it'll be different because I'm different from who I was when I lived there last. Not bad, in fact, I think that I'm going to have the time of my life as soon as school starts, just...different.
Living in Florida has provided so many new opportunities...skydiving for instance, is a new hobby of mine...never thought I'd say that one! My second jump was so crazy fun, I was trying to keep the mindset of, "I've done this before so I have nothing to be worried about", which helped keep me calm and enjoy it even more. And the adrenaline rush, wow, you just can't beat it. Standing on the edge of the plane, looking down at earth three miles beneath you, and jumping. Man, it's intense. I love it. And the bragging rights are pretty sweet too. Especially now that I can say I've done it more than once!

Well, like so many other nights down here, I work a long 13 hour day tomorrow (I won't miss those!) and I'm exhausted (hopefully I'll catch up on sleep...sometime...Christmas break, maybe?) so I'll keep this blog short. Just a note to say that I've officially graudated, I've earned the ears, I've made it, and the finish line is in view. How crazy. How unreal. How bittersweet. But how amazing it is to be surrounded by friends that I love with my whole heart. 

It's all been worth it, so so worth it. :)

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