August 19, 2011

Fighting Chasing Loving

Fighting exhaustion.
Fighting sickness. 
Fighting the easy road.
Fighting the desire to get caught in nostalgia.
Fighting to run like I know I can.
Fighting a strange hair day.
Fighting being desensitized.

Chasing an incredible school year.
Chasing a million new friends that I've yet to meet.
Chasing the chance to go skydiving again.
Chasing my dream around the world.
Chasing the chance to reboot spiritually after playing defense for a year.
Chasing a dog out of our dorm room.
Chasing lost roads in the "mother ship" with a backseat full of friends.
Chasing pictures from Florida as they fall off my bulletin board.
Chasing the chance to show em what I've got.

Loving the confidence that Florida gave me.
Loving my new apartment.
Loving living in the city I grew up in.
Loving seeing my old friends.
Loving the cheaper gas prices.
Loving rocking out to Taylor Swift while I'm cleaning.
Loving my team, my understanding, compassion filled, strong team.
Loving the journey. The road. The places I've been. The places I'm going.
Loving the journey.

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