August 15, 2011

Four Minutes into College

I have about four minutes to write this.
But basically, I'm all moved into my dorm/ suite/ apartment.
It's pretty sweet.
I have a feeling that it's going to be an awesome year rooming with Cortney.
And my first cross country practice was today.
I slept through my alarm but still made it to the parking lot in time.
This was crazy and it totally stressed me out.
Mostly because I'm the girl who must have military in my blood, because usually I can go to sleep and say "I'm going to wake up at 7:21 tomorrow morning." And I'll wake up at 7:20. So sleeping past an alarm? That's a new one.
But the run went okay. I've gotta lot of work to do, but the coach is great and super understanding.
And I'm about to go meet up with some girls from my team and get our new shoes.
I'm really excited about that.
New high quality running shoes that the school pays for?
Anyway, four minutes is up. My ride is about to get here. And I'm starving.
But it's been a good first few days.
I went out to Piedmont yesterday and had such a blast getting to see my old crew. The Acre family is definitely my second family, I'm considering adopting them officially.
Now...I really need to run.
Figuratively speaking this time around.

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