August 24, 2011

Running Into College

Singing Taylor Swift at the top of our lungs. 
Throwing oatmeal at a lawn full of college kids. 
Drinking water out of a green nalgene bottle because I lost my OSU one. 
Rewinding what I need to do for my homework. 
Feeling the fluoride sit on my teeth from going to the dentist. 
Thinking about the story that is my life. 
"Sitting here on the hood of this truck looking up, at a caramel colored sky..." 
I've missed Oklahoma summers. 
I love the fact that me and Cortney just went on a crazy "no destination planned" road trip because we were housebound. 
I'm listening to old school Steven Curtis Chapman now. 

Philippians 2:3-4
I have a Mac now. Woo-hoo. 
Who am I? College identity experiential class with Dr. Crutcher. Should be great. 
I bought a new journal today. 
Coach just texted us and said to run on our own tomorrow. Best message I've gotten all week. 
Except for this one other one. Never mind that though. 
I'm so stoked that all of my old friends are back on campus. 
I'm so stoked about all of my new friends. 
I really need a backpack. 
Tomorrow is an amazing new day. 
I wish Katie, Kirsten, and Jenni were here with me though. 
I still miss Florida with all of my heart. 
Except, my heart's expanding a little more every day to this new home. You can never love too much. 
NSI was a blast. 
I had a pretty epic football moment during the Siren kick off.  
And anyway, college is good thus far. 
Great, actually. 

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