August 3, 2011

Disney in Retrospect

I was just re-reading some old blogs of mine, blogs from back in January and February, and they made me smile. I wrote about watching the castle show where Donald Duck has everyone say, "I do believe in dreams! I do believe in dreams!" and I watched this little boy during the whole show as he whispered, "I do, I do!" After I was trained on parade vending I would watch the castle show at least once every day as I walked around the hub in front of the castle, and every one of us parade vendors could quote the show backwards and forwards.
"Did someone say adventure?!" (Hey there Peter Pan.)
"Gosh Minnie, you've always been a princess to me!" (Aww Mickey.)
And a hundred other lines.
I could even dance to the songs if you asked me to. (Please don't.)
It makes those first few weeks at Disney seem a lifetime ago. That first moment when I saw a show on the stage and I didn't know what was happening, or those nights when I'd watch the fireworks and I didn't know what came next. It's a funny thing to leave the Magic Kingdom and feel like I know it better than my home town. Honestly, when I get home I'm halfway expecting someone to come up to me and ask me where the nearest restroom or smoking area is.

But those blog entries back in January and February, wow, what a lifetime ago. I was so scared to move to Florida. I was so nervous about meeting a whole new group of friends. I was so little.
That's why I love writing, that's why I write. Because all of those emotions are so far removed from where I am now that I couldn't relive them if I wanted to, but re-reading them, I can see where I've come from. I know the changes in myself that I wouldn't notice otherwise. It's been a crazy ride, an exhausting, intense, filled to the brim ride, and I don't think I'm done writing about it yet. Because here's my chance to catch up on the thousand stories that I've forgotten to tell recently. So if the name Disney comes up in a few more posts, don't be too surprised...after all, when you've seen the castle show a thousand times, there are bound to be some interesting stories. : )

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