September 2, 2011

Hello September

Hello September.

I can't really believe that you've already come back around, it's been a fast year. One year ago this month, I was 17, I'd never been to Europe, I didn't know if I would move to Florida or not, and I hadn't graduated early yet.

This month, I'm almost 19, I've been to Europe and almost even better, gotten to shake hands with the world on a daily basis because of my job, I not only moved to Florida, but I finished off my Disney internship strong, and I've been all settled into my dorm room for three weeks now.
I wouldn't say that I've come full circle, even though I am back in Oklahoma now, in the very city I grew up in, but I would say that I'm back at a very familiar spot as a very different girl with a very different outlook on life these days. I've just lived a little, that's all. It expands your heart and mind, it makes you realize how little you know, and if you're like me, it cements the fact that you were born to wander and travel and live on the edge of adrenaline. I like that. I like how I've changed. I like feeling as if I have a story now.

And oh man, it's a crazy story that I could ramble on and on about. Hindsight is such a funny deal, because God's hand on my life over the past year has been so strong and so clear, that I can't help but laugh at my stubbornness and the way that God has used it to get me in the right place at the right time. Really, if you're ever curious, all you have to do is ask me why I came to SNU and you'll get to hear about me being stubborn and God being sneaky. He's up to something really big right now (well, I guess he always is), but at my cross country retreat last weekend in the midst of comparing stories with another girl, we had a moment of, "Wow, we are really supposed to be here, aren't we?" There's a reason why two and half years ago I felt the desire to graduate early even when I didn't have any plans for what I'd do after that. There's a reason why I filled out an application for an internship that I was terrified of. There's a reason why I didn't win that I-Pad during Naz Nite at 6 Flags, but I did fill out a college application, unbeknown to me. There's a reason why I packed up a little blue Honda and drove to Florida even when I wasn't sure if I could make it. There's a reason why I heard about the cross country team. There are a hundred reasons why things clicked into place, and God has been so amazingly blatantly obvious in my life over the past year that I get excited just thinking about it. So please, ask me the story of how I got here next time you see me, because I love getting to hear people laugh and me and my silly plans that wouldn't have been half as amazing as God's plans for my life.
But for now, it's the first weekend of September. Most of my friends are going down to Naz Nite at 6 Flags once again (word of warning: if you've stubbornly said since you were 10 years old that you would never go to SNU, don't fill out any papers to win ANYTHING. Otherwise you might end up like me, sitting in a college dorm room, wearing a crimson and cream track jacket, typing on a school issued Mac laptop, laughing at where you were a year ago.) and I'm about to finish up my homework for the weekend, start some laundry, and take a nice long nap. Tomorrow it's off to Wichita to cheer for my team as they compete in their first meet, and then it's home for the first time in three weeks to pick up everything that I forgot and enjoy the holiday weekend.

So September, bring it on. I'm beyond ready for Autumn and adventures and everything that college is right now. Who knows where I'll be in one year from now when I'm reflecting on September 2011...isn't that an exciting thought?



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