September 23, 2011

Run In Such A Way

Tomorrow I’m running for a race greater than what I’ve run before.
Before, I have run to prove myself to the world.
Tomorrow, I run for humility.
Before, I have run for my own emotions.
Tomorrow, I run to rely on God.
Before, I have run to compete against myself.
Tomorrow, I run because I have a team that I need to give everything I am to.
Tomorrow I am running a race as a new runner.
I’m running it as a girl who has taken dead last, and who is determined to do better.
I am running tomorrow because I want to run for God.
He gave me two legs.
He gave my the ability to breath in through my nose and out through my mouth.
He gave me encouragement when I was faltering.
And I want to give everything that I am back to him.
So tomorrow I’m running a race differently.
I may still place last.
I may trip.
I may falter.
I may not win any prize.
But my attitude is changing.
Right here, right now, in this night before a run.
I am changing the way I view the shoes I lace up.
I am changing the way I view my training.
Because there is more to this life than just running.
There is a bigger race that I am a part of right now.
And for some reason or another, physically running is playing an important role in my testimony.
So tomorrow, I am running in such a way as to win the prize.
I am running with a passion that I’ve been lacking.
I am running for a cause that I’ve ignored.
I am running towards eternity.
Running for God.
Tomorrow I’m running for a race greater than what I’ve run before. 

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