October 9, 2011

October 2011

This weekend was the best.
Friday afternoon, right after my Accounting class was over...
I booked it to the library.
I didn't even stop for lunch (which is a big deal for me.)
Instead, I played the student and I wrote a 4 page paper in 30 minutes...
I finished two Accounting assignments that weren't due till Monday...
J'ai fini mes devoirs de fran├žais pour lundi.
And after all of that hard work was complete, I packed up my backpack and began my weekend.
Best. Feeling. In. The. World.
No homework. No cross country meet. No obligations. Just me and my weekend.
Friday night we had our Powder Puff football game, which was pretty awesome.
If I'm being honest I have to say that the "cheerleaders" were the best part of the whole deal.
Then I got everybody lost after the game on our quest to find pancakes, but we survived and made it in time for midnight breakfast.
Saturday I got to sleep in (which is also a big deal for me, this is literally the first time in at least three weeks when I've had a day when I could sleep in past 8 am. Weekends are dominated by road trips and such.)
I thought that I would go stir crazy when all of my friends were doing their homework on Saturday afternoon, but I drove out and found a great new park to run at, so I had a great afternoon to pound out some pavement. By the way, I'm finally feeling better with the whole SI Joint thing. Now I just have to bump up my iron intake and I'll be as good as new. :)
Saturday night me and Sarah kicked around for awhile before hopping in the car with Andrew, Collin, and Trea to head out to Pops in Arcadia. After which we found an authentic, and I mean authentic, Mexican restaurant. All of this leads up to today, church in the morning with the gang, and afternoon with the family, then a wal-mart adventure that led to Hideaway Pizza with the crew. It's been a good weekend. Great actually.
I'm most definitely not ready for tomorrow, but I'm starting to beat out this restlessness that had me so discontent for the last few weeks. Maybe it's just learning to settle in. Maybe it's just me not wanting to settle down long term anywhere. But I'm beating it. I'm learning contentment again. And I love the friends who are making this such a great ride.
Oh and by the way, only three more full days as 18 year old for me. What a year this has been. What a year.

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