November 3, 2011


This will take less than five minutes to write.
Probably less than three to read.
I'm trying to get to bed before 1 am and I still need to brush my teeth, so I have nine minutes total to figure it out.
But basically, here's my spur of the moment update on life.
It's been real.
Sometimes brutally honest.
Like a giant sign is taped to my back that says, "Bring it on, the good, the bad, and the ugly."
And I'm learning how to understand it.
I'm learning so much about what it means to adapt to new circumstances and new challenges and most importantly, new purposes.
I'm finding my purpose in a place that I never wanted to be in.
And it's good.
But I'm also fighting the urge to quit.
There are things in my life right now that are consuming me and I feel so completely inadequate...but for some reason or another, for this moment in time, I'm supposed to be doing them.
So I'm learning what it means to keep trucking on.
To keep being consistent even when it feels like a losing game.
And I'm being honest when I say that even with the the bad and the hard, the good is still winning.
Most definitely, the good is winning.

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