November 27, 2011

Finding Home

Flashing back to Disney in my mind. 
Parade vending. 
The hub. 
Brazilian tour groups. 
That'll be $2.50....oh it's no problem, I can break that $100 for you. (Oh shoot, the parade is right behind me and I have to make $97.50 in change.) 
Walking the tunnels. 
The awful Liberty Square dress that weighed 10 pounds and everyone thought was adorable. 
Late late nights. 

I called Bethany home tonight. My dad asked me about my car and I said, "When I get home I'll check on it..." 
I think that was the first time since I moved back that I've called Bethany my home. 
Even for the last few months, I feel like I have referred to Ponca City as "my parent's house".
My home, my 100%, on my own, where I figured out how to be independent, home...has been Orlando.
Except now. 

The more distance that I gather from Orlando. 
The more days that pass by between me and my last day to walk into the Magic Kingdom as a Disney cast member. 
Now...I am finding a new home. 
I don't get to watch fireworks every night. 
I watch shooting stars. 
I don't eat Mickey Mouse ice cream bars every week. 
I run to Braums to get the world's best frozen yogurt. 
I don't live in my own apartment. 
I live in dorm with 7 other girls. 
But somehow or another this has become my home again. 

Country roads. 
Wranglers jeans. 
The towns that I grew up in. 
The churches that shaped my faith. 
The friends that I've known since I was 12. 
It's been 118 days since I took my last steps out of Disney World. 
And I think, after all that time...
I'm finally finding a new home. 

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