November 20, 2011

Autumn Words

I am a dreamer of really big dreams. 
I like the way that the sun looks when it sets beneath the horizon. 
I have a heart to feed the hungry and care for the poor. 
I don't know the right way to tie my shoes. 
I love feeling small when I stand next to somebody who is taller than me. 
I wish I were by the ocean on a daily basis. 
I like to argue with sarcastic people for fun...but when it comes to actually having a real argument, you'll most likely win, because I will start crying within two minutes. I'm sorry, I know that's lame. 
I love getting notes or letters. 
I am most proud of myself for a thousand words of poetry that most people will never know I've written or will never care to read. 
I like to laugh a lot. 
I want to learn how to sail someday. 
I wish it were easier for me to let down my guard. 
I could quote the Lord of the Rings movies for you backwards and forwards if you really wanted to see my inner nerd come out. 
I never thought that there was anything special about growing up in Oklahoma until I moved and found out that most of my city friends had never been out in the middle of the country at night to watch the stars...then I realized how lucky I am to have been raised where I was raised. 
I am a rebel to doing things the way that I'm told to them. 
I wish I could whistle on a daily basis. 
I really like the number 42 for no reason whatsoever. 
I have a heart that is hard to steal, but it breaks for a million kids who I've never met.
I am in a constant struggle to balance living in the moment and my love for the next big adventure.
I seem to be learning all of my lessons the hard way when it comes to accepting where God wants me to be, but learning the struggle of surrender has been a good lesson to learn. 
I am the type of girl who wants to take advantage of every opportunity I am given. I want to climb a mountain. I want to learn how to longboard. I want to make a difference. I want to look back at my life in 20 years and shake my head at all of the crazy adventures that I found my way into. That's the kind of life I want to live. 

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