November 9, 2011

Worn Library Chair

The library is starting to fill up. Students are walking in carrying white to-go bags from Sedexo filled with their lunches. The headphones are in and there must be twenty different types of music being played in this room right now. As far as I go, it's a Valdosta album kind of day. 

It's an early afternoon on a perfect November day, the sky is blue outside, the air is crisp, and the bitter cold wind of yesterday has moved on to another part of the county. My heart is quiet right now, sitting here in the library watching my friends come in and out, studying for their different tests and quizzes. Calculus. Christian Faith and Life. Phycology. So many different dreams and ambitions recognized in this room. So many people who either know where they're going, think they know where they're going, or have no clue whatsoever what they're doing with their lives. So many stories.
As far as I go, the rest of my week has turned into a low-key week for me with just a few reading assignments, so I can afford to take time to be at ease here in the library.

Sometimes I forget what it's like to just breath deep. To take a moment and step back from all of the school and assignments that seem to pre-occupy my time. Sometimes I forget just how happy I am scribbling words out on paper to help myself think. Life sure seems to get in the way between the things that we have to do and the little unimportant things that increase the quality of life so dramatically.

Today, today I am content. I'm okay with where I am. I'm blessed by the friendships around me. And I'm excited to get my schedule for next semester. Contentment has always been a hard lesson for me to learn. Sometimes that has been really good for me, discontentment is what propelled me to achieve some crazy adventures. But sometimes, discontentment just leaves me with an unsatisfied heart that aches to be someplace else. Not today though. Today, in the worn out leather chair, listening to soft voices talk and notebook pages turn, I am satisfied.

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