December 19, 2011

100 Blog Posts Later - It Still Comes Down to Running

It's dark outside with clouds. 
For it being 2 o'clock in the afternoon it looks like the sun is setting.
 And it's raining, hard. 
Thunder and lightning. 
The sky is electric. 
But as soon as the lightning clears, I'm lacing up my running shoes. 
As soon as the road is safe, I'll be on it. 
I don't really want to run today. 
I don't want to do a long run in the pouring rain, but I'm lacing up my shoes anyway. 
Because today I'm determined that this is the day when I run through the pain. 
I'm tired of this injury. 
I'm not okay never feeling okay running anymore. 
So today I'm starting over. 
Clean slate. 
Pouring rain. 
I'm going to fight to make this run a good run. 
I'm going to fight to make today the day when I begin training hard. 
Forget hip flexors. 
Forget slow milage. 
Forget painful movements. 
I'm over it. 
I'm ready to run half marathons again. 
I'm ready to be at the top of my game again. 
So I'm going to do something crazy. 
I'm going to layer up in the cold. 
I'm going to leave the ipod and phone at home so that I don't fry their circuits. 
And I'm going to run my heart out through the rain. 
Today, I'm forgetting all of the things that have pushed me down this semester and I'm going to fight for the very thing that has always propelled me to go further and faster in my life. 
I may come back cold and wet and physically drained, but I need to fight for what I believe in again. 
I need this run. 

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