December 5, 2011

Running - I Have Never Lost

I may not be the fastest
I may never finish first
I may run for selfish reasons
Like sanity.
I may run just to see nature
I may never run to win a competition
I may never win.
But I have never lost.
I have never wasted my time.
I have never regretted my choices.
I have never thrown my shoes down and walked away.
There’s more at stake in running than physical action.
There’s mental strength.
There’s determination.
It’s putting on your shoes when your body is in pain.
It’s fighting through the way everybody else views your performance and running because you need to run.  
It’s getting up the nerve to face your fears.
I may never win a race.
But I have never lost. 


  1. Ok, actually, this is me. I was logged into my other blog that I don't use. But I love this! It's so good and so true :)