January 17, 2012

New Year - All Things New

I like the whole "New Year" concept, I always have, but I don't think that it has ever meant as much to me as it has in this beginning of 2012. Over break I learned so much about redemption and the process of making all things new, and it is SO good to start off this year with a new attitude and a new outlook on what lies ahead. From a burdened heart to a renewed spirit, I feel so refreshed with where I am going and what I need to do to get there. Last semester I was holding on to so many things, from relationships to experiences that I couldn't relive, and after a while I was carry so many things around with me that I couldn't open up my eyes to the new opportunities that I had. 
My heart feels so much lighter as I look ahead to 2012 and take it for what it is, a new year. No matter how great or how bad certain things have been, they're over. But there is a giant white canvas in front of me that I can't wait to see how it gets painted. I know my words aren't eloquent today or very profound, but I'm excited. I'm stoked. I'm having a great start to this year. After last semester I thought that my group of friends would stay the same, but already at school I'm meeting new friends and having a blast. It's going to be a challenging semester, but I think it will be great. 
So here's to 2012. A new year. A new attitude. 
Here's to God making all things new. 

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