February 25, 2012

The Stats Stopped Mattering

Somewhere in the past two months...checking up on this blog every day stopped being a priority. 
Watching the number of views that my posts were getting stopped being a normal activity.
Somewhere in the past two months...the stats stopped mattering. 
Maybe the writer in me has just been taking a long nap. 
A winter Rip Van Winkle writer. 
A hard to pin down novelist.
An inconsistent college student? 
More than likely. 
But that's alright. 
Life moves forward. 
The words spill out every once in awhile. 
The stories won't stop. 
They just might come a little fewer and further between. 
After all, boring as it sounds...
sometimes bloggers are also business majors. 
Which means that there is always Accounting II homework that needs being done. 
And honestly, nobody wants to read a blog about debits and credits. 
So maybe it's a good thing that the stats stopped mattering. 

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