March 6, 2012

Red Letters - Give Me Jesus

I am tired. 
I'm worn thin.
Ready for a break. 
Ready for a change in scenery.
All I want is to take a long nap and wake up on the first day of summer.

But instead? 
I'm skipping the daily devotional.
I'm forgoing working on my memory verses. 
I'm not really even getting a lot of words out in my halted prayers.
Instead, I'm going straight for the red. 
The red letters. 
I'm skipping every word written in black and holding onto the red words.
The ones that came straight from Jesus' mouth. 
Because they are what is sustaining me. 
The breath of Christ. 
His truth.
His character.
The reason that my heart beats with a purpose. 
That's all I want tonight.
Forget glamour.
Forget a message. 
Forget everything that makes a good blog post. 
Forget all of that.
I just want Jesus. 

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