May 13, 2012

Summer Daydreams and Ramblings

Pitch black.
Typing in the dark.
Remembering the letters on the keys.
Clicking the right words.
Spotify playing "Feels So Right" by Matt Wertz in the background.
I ran a free 6 miles tonight.
Free from time and distance.
Free to praise and free to pray.
I have a few days of summer before work starts.
I just killed a mosquito with my bare hands and I feel gross now.
My friends are scattered.
The world over.
The summer beginning.
New things are just around the corner.
I am soaking in the change.
Smiling at thin air.
Running under a midnight sky.
This will be the summer when I pick up the guitar again.
I'll run a few hundred miles in the next few months.
Listen to a thousand good songs.
Fall for something worth falling for. 
Risk it all. 
Laugh every day. 
Dive deeper in my faith. 
This is the first time in a long long time when I have a chance to breathe really deep. 
I'm taking advantage of it. 
Soaking in the sweetness. 
The after effects of accomplishing goals. 
The moment when you realize that you get to rest.
It's pitch black. 
Sunrise is about 7 hours away. 
And these are the first words out of a million that will spill out this summer.
Letters on the keys. 

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