May 22, 2012

Slowing the Run for God

Day 1 of my frustratingly relaxing nothing to do no matter how much I want to be doing something week. Let me give you a brief play by play of the day. 

 Wake up. Drive to Lake Hefner. Take off for a long run. 
I haven't had a chance to run the entire lake in a long time, and I decided to kick off my week with a good, long, run. 10 miles. Easy pace. Enjoying the motion. I wanted time to think today. The first mile was rough, I was mentally fighting the idea of running the whole lake, and I was struggling. 
Lake Hefner is a mental challenge for me. It always has been. It's my favorite place to run, but there's a difference between an out and back run and doing the full lap. You have to commit to the full lap. There's a point where there's no turning back. Mentally, I have to get over that obstacle every time I attempt to run the lake. I've shortened my runs before. I don't always make it the full 10 miles. That's why I love it...because for some reason or another, I have to fight for these runs. But I fought today. After the first mile I started flying. Feeling great. And I finished. Covering long distances is where my passion for running kicks in...runs like today are why I run. 
Except...a new thing happened. A not so great thing. I've been enjoying the last bunch of weeks running pain free. It's been a really big deal for me because that battle lasted so long. And then today, right as I crossed the mile 9 marker...something popped on the outside of my knee. It hurt more to walk than to run, so I finished off my last mile. It hurts now, especially anything that involves any sort of movement.
Here's the ironic thing. This morning before my run I thought to myself, "You know, I could really get a lot of stuff done today. I'm going to take advantage of this free time and get a ton of errands done." 
The IT band thing has kept me basically in my room all day to avoid having to walk around too much. It's like I'm being forced to be still, whatever it takes to get me there. 
So I'll be still. I'll rest. I wish it was through any other way than another injury. Even though I have high hopes that this one will heal up in a day or two. It's a day or two of rest that I haven't wanted. But I'm getting the hint. 
I need to rest. 
I hear ya God. I'll slow down. I'll listen. I'm dropping all of the other distractions, and once again...I'm all Yours. 
I must be really stubborn these days for this to be such a hard lesson to learn, but I'm not going to ignore the obvious. For some reason or another, I need to be quiet. It's time to listen. Time to pray. Time to refocus. Whatever it takes to get there, I'm going. 
I have been driven many times to my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had absolutely no other place to go.

--Abraham Lincoln

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