June 19, 2012

Counting Blessings

Staying up late, past 2 am, to simply say...
I am blessed. 
Blessed by relationships. 
Blessed by promises. 
Blessed by actions. 

I am a sceptic of words. You can say a lot and never really mean anything and you can say very little and mean the world. 
But these days, I am being proved daily that sometimes words are followed up by actions. 
And in those crazy circumstances, when the words are the most powerful words you can say, the actions that follow have the power to change your life. 
Strong words. Good words. Actions that speak even louder. 

I am blessed by truthfulness. 
Blessed by relationships that I do not deserve. 
Friends that forgive me daily. 
Parents that show me what love, holy and lasting love, looks like. 
A man that is leading me and changing my life in a hundred amazing ways. (And if you're reading this Blake..._ ____ ___!) 

Overwhelmed with blessings. 
Even when there are new decisions ahead of me.  
Surrounded by encouragement and support. 
Blessed by friends and family that go beyond the words and live out their love. 
They're worth staying up past 2am to write about. 
I am so very thankful tonight...so very blessed beyond anything I could have ever imagined. 

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