February 16, 2013

Lent - In The Quietness

40 days of quietness. 
40 days of prayer. 
40 days of commitment.
 God is ever so faithful.
 I claim that phrase over and over again and it never fails. God is so faithful. As the season of Lent begins I am convicted into quietness this season. A time to reflect. A time to seek. A time to be still and rediscover the He is God. That is where I am being found right now. Somewhere in between hearing the call, "Come and be still with me..." and running with abandon to a place of peace. I am in the place where I want to come away and be still, but I am still held onto by so many "noisy" things. This season of Lent is going to be my attempt to "come away", to be still, to know that he is God. 
And God is faithful. His promises are true. He does not abandon us. These promises give me a confidence in the peace of Christ that surpasses our understanding. The answers that you hear when you are silent. The joy of giving up having the "right answers" and allowing God to answer for you. 
I want to be reckless for Christ. I want to live a life of pursuit. I am daily being reminded that the road I am choosing will become difficult, but there is no other road I would rather take. There is no way that I could ever settle for serving God less than with all of my heart. 
God is ever so faithful.
Again and again, I claim that truth.

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