April 15, 2013

Love and Equality

I believe in love.
I believe that I was given love that I never deserved and could never earn by any works of my own.
I believe in giving love.
It doesn't matter who you are, what you believe, or what you stand for...because I have been loved freely I am called to love. 
I also believe in heartbreak.
I know that the people whom I have loved more then anyone else in the world are often the people who are able to hurt my heart extensively.
The friends, the family, whom I love, the people that I would die for, often make choices that, in the heart of my hearts, I cannot support.
I live in a world that condemns me for standing up for what I believe in because it is not the popular thing to believe in.
I live in a world that shouts "freedom!" but only as long as my freedom of speech agrees with their opinions.
I live in a world that does not agree with me when I say that I believe in right and I believe in wrong.
I believe in love, but I am ostracized because I do not believe in the type of the love that is "politically correct".
Boldly, I say it, I do not believe in "politically correct" love.
I believe in a love that is unequaled to any emotion.
I believe in a love that people spit upon.
Love that was mocked.
Love that was unrequited.
I believe in love that was lonely.
I believe in love that was betrayed.
I believe in love that was born into the world different.
Love that always knew that it was set apart from everything else.
I believe in love that society did not understand.
I believe in love that associated with the outcasts, the lowlifes, the sinners.
I believe in love that was not afraid to identity people for who they are, not afraid to say, "She is a prostitute." Or "He is a greedy thief." And yet, the love the I believe in is gracious and generous and has never stopped pouring into the lives of the "lowly".
I believe in a love that hung on a cross for a world that did not, a world that does not, recognize love for what it is.
I believe in a selfless love.
A holy love.
I do not believe in manipulation.
I will not allow emotions to control my thoughts and let the rhetoric of "free speech" induce guilt and shake my resolve.
I am saddened by the ignorance of my generation. My beautiful, proud, adventurous generations.
My peers and my friends.
I am saddened to see thousands of people who do not know how to disagree.
Who cannot see that love and equality are not the same thing.
Love is unequal in every sense of the word.
When you love someone, you place your heart at their mercy. You sacrifice yourself for them. You give everything you have and expect nothing in return. Love is unequal.
Equality and freedom ring true. They are building blocks. They are patriotic. They are the core of the political system that this nation was founded on.
But I cannot begin a conversation with the words "love and equality" because that is an equation that will never add up.
For as long as I have been loved, I have been loved so wholly and so completely, and I have struggled to love the little portion that I do, that I cannot honestly say that the love I give is even near the amount of love that I have been given.
Love does not equal equality.
No, love humbles us to the lowest state that we know and asks us, "How will you love people as I have loved them?"
And I am reminded...
The love the I believe in was spat upon.
It was rejected.
It was believed to be foolish.
It was mocked.
The love that has changed my life, the love that I place my faith on...
It was crucified.

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  1. Mandy, You have such a beautiful way with words. Continue to write- I love reading your blog. Even when you're all grown up and married in a matter of days! ;)