June 15, 2013

Thoughts From a Newly Wedded Wife

I laughed during our wedding kiss.

Is that a confession? Highly possible.

I laughed at the look on Blake’s face two seconds before he kissed me. There is a great picture of that moment.

It was his little tilt of the head and the “Finally!” expression on his face.

Full out Mandy giggle spree.

First kiss as husband and wife = mouth open laughter/trying to kiss/complete happiness. Blake says that the kiss was perfect, I say that I was laughing too much and I don’t even remember it too well.

There is a little bit of complete and utter amazement to be writing this as a one-month married woman. 4 weeks ago we said our vows and took an oath that is summed up in the words, “Until death do us part.”

If I could sum up the past month in any sort of way, all I can say is that it gets better every day. There are those moments when I think to myself (okay fine, and I tell Blake too), that I'm living with a messy boy and that there is toothpaste in the shower (gross) that I did not put there... but even in those icky moments, it's still really nice to not have to say goodnight and walk away from my best friend every night.

We're trying to develop habits to last a lifetime. Praying together. If you cook, then I clean. Not going to bed angry. Little things. Big things. 

I hardly have the experience or the right to say anything about marriage yet. After all, we are still supposedly in the honeymoon stage. And yet, I am so excited for the lessons to be learned and the things that we will work through in the future. We're in this for the long haul, obviously. We have words that aren't in our vocabulary. We have all the tools before us to create a thriving marriage. And we want that more then anything. 

So here's to a great first month of marriage. Tonight, we're testing out our new little George Foreman grill and making hamburgers. This might sound normal to you...but hey, we're excited! It's the little things guys, the little things. 

As soon as I close up the tennis shop (only 27 minutes until I can lock the door), I'm getting out of here and grabbing a movie to turn on later. A normal sort of night, happy and chill, celebrating one month down and a lifetime to go. 

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