June 16, 2013

Marriage Blends Worlds

“Perfect speed.”

Blake’s lips part, a wisp of a smile shows through. His eyes are distant, looking past me into the crowd of people standing around the hole. They are silent, waiting for his next move. Up and down, he scans the distance, the slope, and the putter in his hand.

“Perfect speed.”

Whispered words, quiet instructions, one last thought before the final moment. Standing, one glance at the target, he straightens his back. Focusing in on his breaths, in and out, one and two, strike. Gently, the ball rolls down the slope. A slight turn to the left, and then, the smallest, most beautiful noise, the quiet “clink” of a perfect shot.

Eagle. The crowd claps. And Blake grins.

For a good portion of my life, and by good, I mean, 80% of it, I never knew that an eagle was anything more then a majestic bird. Golf was a sport that old men played and Tiger Woods dominated. It is the irony of ironies that I now find myself daily starring into the eyes of a man who reminisces of glory shots and replays perfect putts in his head. It’s not unusual for me to walk into the living room and see him standing there, swinging a club (whether it be a real club or an invisible one) back and forth. When I go run at Lake Hefner I can usually talk Blake into practicing while I run. Of course, I usually end up sitting on the grass for a solid amount of time after my run waiting for him to finish going through his drills. And for the record, I can run for a pretty long time.

There is something to be said in not just finding your true passions in life, but in acting upon them. I know so many people who say, “I am passionate about XYZ…”  and yet, I never see them pursuing those things. It is so easy to get stuck in the rut of “getting by” that we forget to pursue. Seeing Blake’s eyes light on fire when he talks about all the golf things that I really don’t have any interest in is often compelling enough to make me want to know more. How that works, I have no idea. You don’t run across passion everyday. When that passion is mixed with talent and hard work, sometimes you get to see amazing things and you can’t even begin to say how proud you are for what has been accomplished.

My passions are less tangible. I can’t pick up a golf club and swing away. Even running, something that I love completely is not my passion.  My heart beats for travel and my passion is in knowing other cultures, other people, and connecting the dots of humanity. Words can’t begin to cover the amount of love I have for what happens inside of a person when they expand their horizons. This call on my life led me to an early high school graduation, an internship with a company that let me shake hands with the world every day, and the pursuit of an International Studies/Business degree. My love for travel and for people has pushed me to graduate college in three years instead of four with the hopes of continuing on with a master’s degree in International Business. My pursuit of travel will take me and Blake to a foreign country next spring, and the world thereafter. My eyes light up when I think about what is to come.

And yet, this summer finds me surrounded by golf courses. On Monday-Wednesdays I work at a public golf course, driving the cart around selling drinks all day long. Thursdays- Sundays I am back in the tennis shop, with its floor to ceiling windows overlooking the country club’s golf course. I am beginning to understand the love of the course. The greens. The perfect sound of a club hitting a ball. It’s quiet. It’s intense. It’s frustrating. It’s…passionate. And slowly but surely, I am watching Blake’s eyes light up as we make our travel plans and talk about the places that we will go and the things that we will do. Two worlds blending into one.

“Perfect speed.”

Quietly, we whisper these words. The shot is lined up. The target is before us. We’ve been working hard to get here. Our hearts are filled with fire for the pursuit; we are steady handed and yet still nervous.

“Perfect speed.”

Quietly, we are straightening our backs. Standing up. Focusing in on the target. The world awaits. In and out, one and two, our breaths are long and slow. Looking ahead, lining up the shot…we cannot help but grin. 

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