July 26, 2013

Finding God in Simple Prayers

God is really cool, you know? 
The past few weeks have felt so...desperately real. 
I have two (more like three) jobs this summer. 
The job I like the best gives me a thirty minute drive to think about life before I clock in and after I clock out. 
It also gives me a lot of time to talk to God on the golf course. As I drive around all day, I have a lot of time to enjoy the beautiful summer days, the green grass, and the vast expanse of sky. 
The only problem is that I like to pray out loud so sometimes I drive by golfers who think I'm crazy. 
C'est la vie. 
Last week, after a busy day at work where my thoughts had been nowhere near prayers...I finally clocked out.
 I was driving home through traffic and as I looked around at the cars zipping in and out of lanes, everyone going somewhere fast, I was completely caught off guard by a surprising thought. 
I imagined God observing all of us, knowing each of us in our little cars by our names, knowing our struggles, our joys, and every hair upon our heads. As I drove, I had the sweetest image of God looking down and watching us...just...waiting? Waiting for a hello. So with joy in my spirit, driving home by myself, I found myself saying, "Hi God!" And that was it. Just a "hi". I pray driving all the time, but this was different. Because I had this great image of God zooming in, saying "hi" back to me, just so happy that while he was loving on us, someone said hello to him. 
In that moment, the realness and the tangibleness of God's presence was so completely strong. I have found myself saying "hi" a lot this week. Instead of my prayers sounding like a lot of requests, I have felt them shift more towards conversations. Sweet, tender conversations. 
God is many things that I do not understand. He is deep. He is wide. He hold the oceans in the palm of his hand. And he says "hi" back in those quiet moments. 
Real and personable. Building a relationship. 
God is really cool, you know? 

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