August 27, 2013

Life and Nostalgia As A 20-something

Christopher Robin and I walked along

Under branches lit up by the moon
Posing our questions to Owl and Eeyore
As our days disappeared all too soon

We all have our little things that make us feel nostalgic inside. My list includes the song "Little Miss Magic", worn out Disney t-shirts, the smell of cinnamon, and deep cleaning the house on Saturday mornings with the "Promise Keepers" soundtrack blasting out of the stereo. Except, the "stereo" is really Spotify on my computer because the last CD I bought was Hilary Duff's "Metamorphosis". 

Being newly married, setting up our sweet little apartment, and cooking homemade food all the time has stirred up a bunch of nostalgic feeling within me. Maybe it's because I can finally picture what my parent's must have been like when they were twenty-something year olds with a few pennies to their names. Or maybe it's because I know that someday I'll be telling our kids about our ramen noodle days when we complained about wanting jobs that actually made a difference in the world, the days when we came home late and then watched movies till the wee hours of the night. Someday I'll tell my kids about being so sick for the first time in a long time...and how every time I would wake Blake up because I was coughing he would just hug me instead of complain. Someday I'll make snickerdoodle cookies and smile because it reminds me of a rainy day in Ms. Lehman's second grade classroom when somebody's mom made them for a birthday. Funny the things you remember. 

I started my senior year of college last week. Two years ago I was walking in as a freshman straight off the Disney streets. Last Wednesday I walked in with a sore throat and a stuffy head. The allure of college is fleeting when you're sick. Yet, the allure of knowledge remains and my friends are encouraging. Just a few more steps and my quick sprint through this university will be over. 

Perhaps it's the smell of new pencils and unopened textbooks 
that makes me feel so nostalgic. Perhaps.

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