September 8, 2013

A Sick Husband and A Grateful Wife

I have a sick husband this weekend. His flu turned into pneumonia and the medicine is taking far too long (in my humble opinion) to get to work. A few weeks ago, Blake took care of me for a week in the midst of a pretty bad cold, and now the tables have turned.

His fever has consistently been over 100 and the poor guy is trying to be a good sport, but he's just not feeling great. As I sit here on the couch, while he's asleep on the other end, I keep looking at his twitching nose and smiling. I didn't know that the flu/pneumonia makes your nose twitch, but if Blake is any sort of reference, then flu nose twitching must be a serious problem.

Every day that I get to hold the hand of this nose twitching husband of mine is such an amazing day in my life. I'm not mushy. I'm not sappy. I've never been a die hard romantic. But Blake, Blake is teaching me what love looks like.

Love sometimes looks like doing a lot of dishes.
Love is kind.
Love doesn't mind taking care of a sick spouse.

Blake is expanding my heart. My sleepy husband, running his 102 degree fever, apologizing for being an inconvenience...the same man who eats a lot of food and leaves little hairs all over the sink after he shaves...he's teaching me what love looks like a little more every day.

Twitchy nose or not, I am one lucky girl to get to hold his hand.

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